After 15 years as a performer and director, marching arts has become my home. This experience gives me a unique understanding of what performers and circuits need.


I strive to create compelling images of performers that tell a story about your team or circuit. Your show day is my opportunity to immortalize moments big and small - collaborating with the artistry on the floor and capturing the magic that makes your team or circuit so exceptional.


Videography services are also available! A professional, documentary style montage of your event will give your team or circuit a distinct edge. These montages are great tools for:


  • Championships Highlights Montage

  • Recruiting (audition announcements for programs)

  • Documenting an important show for your program


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As a director, I became tired of the standard portraits that band programs provided.  They felt stale, rushed, and didn't make my performers feel beautiful.


With 10 years of professional photography experience, it was a no-brainer to start doing my team's portraits myself and I never looked back.


My favorite thing about crafting these images, is that each team is different - a wonderful mix of crazy personalities that shape your team's one-of-a-kind identity. When your kids put those uniforms on, they feel strong and beautiful and they should have portraits that reflect those feelings.  


And that is always my goal: to showcase the beauty of each performer utilizing elements that represent your season's show concept.  This gives you portraits that are memorable and treasured.



Make your local circuit stand out! Championship Montages and Season Highlight Reels are the perfect way feature your current performers, while reaching out to new, potential units in your area! 


Championships season is busy, so make sure you contact me today to ensure your weekend is on my calendar! 


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